Weed Management

Weed Management

In the Weed Control Act of Alberta, weeds have been classified into two categories based on their ability to spread and thrive at the expense of agricultural crops or native vegetation and the information from other provinces and countries that have experienced the severity of the problems that the weeds cause. These categories are prohibited noxious weeds, which shall be destroyed and noxious weeds, which shall be controlled.

Prohibited Noxious Weeds

  • The rationale for the prohibited noxious category is to prevent the establishment and/or entry of new weed species into Alberta.
  • Weeds that are in the prohibited noxious category are generally not found in Alberta or found in small numbers.
  • Prohibited noxious weeds can become economically devastating and have a high potential threat of invasion and therefore they must be destroyed.

Noxious Weeds

  • The rationale for the noxious category is to control and prevent the further spread of these weeds in Alberta.
  • Generally, weeds designated as noxious are present across the province, but not necessarily widespread. For example, they may be present in many municipalities, but not abundant, or they may be abundant in a few municipalities, but scarce or even non-existent in other municipalities.
  • Control measures for noxious weeds are limited and therefore, further spread has the potential to cause significant yield losses.

Under the Weed Control Act the following is a list of Prohibited Noxious and Noxious Weeds. Provincially Regulated Weeds

Weed of Concern

Absinth Wormwood is a weed the County is watching as it does pose a threat to landowners. This plant has become an increasing problem in the County and the ASB has been spraying along roadsides and on private land in small patches.

The major weeds that the County is dealing with are Scentless Chamomile, Toadflax, and White Cockle, but they are not the only ones.

For small patches of persistent problem weeds the county does offer Private Land Spraying. This is limited to 10 acres (4 hectares) or less as the County doesn’t have the necessary equipment and the cost is listed in the Schedule of Fees. Landowners are encouraged to contact ASB staff regarding any weed concerns or you can also Report A Weed and ASB staff will follow up on in it.