Tire Recycling

Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. is registered as a Tire Recycling Collection Site under Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

Tire marshalling areas are located at all three transfer stations.

Tires are segregated by size, passenger/light truck tires in one area and industrial/farm tires in another area. All tires coming into the sites are from private individuals or by a yearly roundup done by the 4H tire program.

Tires are picked up yearly and taken to proper recycling facilities where the rubber is used for all types of materials which include patio blocks, sold stabilizers, heavy equipment matting, equine and dairy bedding mattresses, planters, box liners, roofing products, guardrails, pour in place surfaces, playground equipment and a host of other products.

Each year in Alberta over 6 million tires are disposed of. Last year within our region we recycled approximately 3,000 tires.