Public Works Services


County procedures for backsloping:
Top priority will be given to backsloping of roadside ditches for landowners who move their fence at no cost to the County. However, if Council deems it necessary to backslope a stretch of road, the County will be responsible for the removal and replacement of the fences pursuant to the County’s fencing policy. There is no charge by the County for this service, however the landowner must sign a hold harmless agreement with the County.

a) Backsloping is to be done with a minimum 5:1 backslope.
b) Request to Public Works Foreman or County Office. In the event that a request is made at the County Office, the Public Works Foreman shall, upon being notified, contact the landowner to schedule a convenient time to commence said works.
c) All farmers requesting backsloping must sign hold harmless agreements.
d) Brush will only be removed from private land to accommodate the 5:1 backslope.

Download Backsloping Agreement - Grantor form.


Fence Line Brushing

Criteria for control of brush along municipal roadways:
The growth of brush along municipal roadways will be controlled in the following manner:
• In accordance with the policies and plans set forward by the Agricultural Service Board for brush control by roadside spraying.
• Brushing of the ditches by mechanical or other means will only be undertaken along the right-of-way under the direction of the Public Works Superintendent.

Brush will only be removed from private lands to accommodate 5:1 backsloping in accordance with Backsloping Policy (600) or when required, to remove brush in areas where it is hazardous to traffic.  If Council deems it necessary to conduct brushing on private lands, the County will be responsible for the removal and replacement of fences pursuant to the County’s fencing policy.

The landowner must sign a hold harmless agreement with the County and allow the brush to be piled on the site and be responsible for its disposal.

Download Fence Line Brushing Agreement form. 



County policy on fencing across development road allowances:
No one will be permitted to construct, erect or locate a fence on any developed road allowance in the County of Paintearth No. 18.


Hay and Road Allowances

County policy on hay and road allowance:
The landowner has the first priority for mowing road allowances adjacent to his/her land for the purpose of hay-making until July 15th of any year.  The landowner may grant permission to a second party upon request to mow the allowance prior to July 15th.

Insofar as road allowances are County property and weeds are a universal problem, the County reserves the right to spray road allowances in cases of severe weed infestation as soon as practically possible.

After July 15th, the County may authorize anyone to mow the allowance and remove the hay.

A minimum swath of 3.66 meters (12’) is to be cut where possible.

Bales shall not be left on the road surface over night and bales along the road allowance should be removed within 48 hours.

The swath shall be confined to the road allowance and not be allowed to encroach upon the road surface.



County position on snowplowing:
The following guidelines for snowplowing have been established:
a) Rates for snowplowing are $40.00 to go in and out of a private lane. A person wanting more work done must contact the Public Works Superintendent. The fee for extra work is $150.00 per hour.
b) No person shall receive snowplowing service if his account from the previous season remains outstanding.

The snowplowing of private property shall only be done once public thoroughfares have been cleared of snow to permit unimpeded travel.

To have your lane snowplowed please contact Tarolyn Peach before 7:00 AM before the graders have gone by your lane.

Download Winter Ridging Agreement form.
Download Snowplowing/Grading Private Road Agreement form.


Dust Control

The County offers a calcium chloride dust treatment program to residents living adjacent to local gravel roads to mitigate the impact of dust in front of residences. The service will be provided subject to the following conditions.

a) Applications for dust control must be received prior to August 1st of each year.
b) The applicant will be responsible to pay for the cost of the actual calcium chloride product available as determined by application metering. Billing will be submitted after the project is completed.
c) The County will provide a minimum distance of 660 feet (201 meters) per site as dust treatment on the road in front of residences.
d) Sites are to be staked by the Public Works department in the presence of the applicant prior the the commencement of the application of dust control.
e) The County has the right to refuse the application of dust control if so deemed unfeasible after the inspection of the site.
f) The County will contribute the preparation of the area, additional gravel if required, the water truck and grader for the application.
g) The County will maintain the road at its discretion and cost and retains the right to scarify the dust control treatment in the event of excessive deterioration. Normally calcium chloride applications are good for one dust control season.
h) Dust control will be completed at the convenience of the County when materials can be transported and equipment is available to carry out the work.
i) This policy is not applicable where dust control is required as a condition of a development permit agreement.

Download Dust Control Agreement form.