Potential New Service Connections

Type of Water Service

Currently the County operates a high-pressure system provided there is sufficient capacity to provide the additional rate of flow without affecting the service levels of other customers.

Rural Residents

Residents considered adjacent of an installed water line, may submit a Water Modelling Application and relevant fee to the County. If the water model returns that the connection is viable for your property, you may continue the process of applying for a Customer Service Application & Agreement.

There are eleven connection points on the SMRWSC transmission waterline that can be used by County residents at various road allowances and can be viewed under the Water Line Distribution. In 2022 the SMRWSC will allow hot tapping from the transmission line to anyone who is adjacent and wants to connect. Because the nature of the SMRWSC system is to deliver water to reservoirs when needed, and there will be times when the system is pumping water, all residences connected to the line must have either a private cistern or a rural water reservoir for water storage. The process of applying for a service connection remains the same and you will be a County of Paintearth customer.

The costs for installation of the service connection is the responsibility of the landowner and must be done in accordance with County standards.

Urban Residents

Hamlets in the County with water service do not require a water model verification. On unserviced lots, any new development  or redevelopment will be required to obtain a Service Connection.