PD&I - Utilities Fees and Charges

Development Permit Fee Structure

Fee Not Required: (as long as setbacks are meet, otherwise are $200 discretionary)

  • Ag buildings solely for ag use (barns, shops, bins, etc)
  • Reno’s not altering structure, most fences
  • Decks, dugouts, Accessory buildings in hamlets less than 100 sq ft

Development permit applications:

  • $100 Permitted use - General Guidelines:  any permitted use for that district according to the LUB and meets the setback requirements (if not meeting setback, then $200 discretionary).
  • $200 Discretionary use (Residential) - General Guidelines:  any use that does not meet the permitted use category, or does not meet the required setbacks and are requesting a variance.
  • $400 Discretionary use (commercial/industrial) - General Guidelines:   any application that does not come in from a farming operation, personal residential site, or is from a company or corporation.   Uses may vary widely and may be in many different land use districts.
  • $50 Home Occupation

Land Use Bylaw copy  $25
Municipal Development Plan copy  $25
Re-Zoning Application Fee - LUB amendment  $300
Subdivision and Dev Appeal Fee  $400

Compliance Certificates:

  • $100 Non-inspected
  • $300 Inspected

Oilfield Applications

Project Notifications - n/c
Approach requests and Pipeline Crossings  $300
Seismic Explorations on County Lands or ROWS  $300
Proximity requests  n/c – done with approach requests

Palliser Regional Municipal Services Building Permits Fee Information