Overweight and Overdimensional Permit Approval Services

To improve the availability of service to Industry, to better track the movement of these heavy loads and to improve the ability to recover cost for any damages that may occur, the County of Paintearth has partnered with Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) to provide approval services for the movement of heavy loads on County roadways.

RDS will provide all approval services as per the guidelines established by the County.  This service will be available 24 hours per day (toll free) at 1.888.830.7623.

Companies will now be required to contact RDS for all approvals to move overweight service rigs and heavy haul loads within the County of Paintearth as of Friday, June 1, 2007.


Allowable Weights

When movement is not restricted due to road bans, adverse weather or individual roadway limitations, the County follows Alberta "Allowable Permit Weight" guidelines.  Please remember that any municipality has the authorization to limit weights below provincially defined weights.