A few Highlights of the Council Meeting held on Nov 5, 2019....

Please feel free to contact Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Simpson at 403.882.3211 with any questions or for additional information.

RFD - Appointment of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) - MOVED by Councillor Hewitt that Michael Simpson, further to signed contract, be appointed to the office of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the County of Paintearth No. 18 as per section 205(2) of the Municipal Government Act.

RFD - Policy Sections - Roads, Public Works Equipment & Agreements with Municipalities – MOVED by Councillor Hewitt the following policies be rescinded from the Agreements with Municipalities section as they are covered under County Bylaws; Policy 900 Ambulance Agreement, Policy 905 Disaster Services, Policy 910 Fire Fighting Agreements, Policy 920 Mutual Aid and Policy 925 Palliser Regional Services Company Limited.

MOVED by Councillor Norton to approve the revisions and amalgamation of the policies from the Roads, Public Works Equipment & Agreements with Municipalities and to adopt the newly created Public Works policy section as presented.

Investment Attraction Project - MOVED by Councillor Elliott the contact be awarded to Toma Consulting Inc. at a proposed cost of $44,390 for the Investment Attraction Project.

Aaron Compton, Castor Community Golf Club - MOVED by Councillor Norton the County donate 10 loads of rip-rap to place in the drainage ditch, along with the equipment to haul and place the rock as requested in the letter received from Aaron Compton on behalf of the Castor Community Golf Club.

Brent Hoyland, Flagstaff County - MOVED by Councillor Glazier the correspondence received from Bent Hoyland, Flagstaff County advising that Flagstaff Council approved first reading of Bylaw 09/19 for the purpose of adopting the County of Paintearth No. 18/Flagstaff County Intermunicipal Development Plan be accepted as information.

Upcoming Meetings - Council Meetings - November 20, 2019 (Wednesday), December 3, 2019 and December 17, 2019, subject to change and commencing at 9:00 a.m. Meetings are open to the public and delegations are always welcome. To request a time allotment, please call the office of the CAO. All requests must clearly identify the reason or purpose of the appointment and follow the guidelines as per Section 21 - Delegations of the County’s Procedure Bylaw 673-19.