Efficient Grain Dryer Program

A new program has been announced under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The Efficient Grain Dryer Program is an energy efficiency program intended to assist producers with reducing the overall energy use on their operations. The program will only fund equipment that shows a significantly energy efficiency improvement over standard practice. Aeration fans and ducts, supplemental bin heaters, grain elevators and conveyors, hopper bins, and standard grain dryer configurations are all important tools in managing grain storage. Unfortunately, however, these are standard equipment and none of them are premium-efficiency options and therefore DO NOT meet the requirements of the program on their own. Installation and labour costs are also not eligible under this program.

Grain dryer and grain drying system components that significantly improve energy efficiency above standard configuration are eligible under the program. These components can be factory options on new equipment or retrofits installed on existing equipment.

Efficient Gain Dryer Program