Inter Pipeline Project - Throne to Halkirk (Viking Connector)

Crews have been working in the area making the approaches into fields, prepping for road crossings, and preparing the ROW for pipeline installation.

Currently construction crews have started work south of HWY 12 on RR142 and will continue working westward along the route south of Halkirk. Within the coming weeks they will also commence work between the existing Inter Pipeline Throne station east of Coronation and HWY 36.  Currently there is a 100 person crew on the project and it is anticipated that during heavy periods of construction the crew size will reach approximately 250, resulting in increased traffic along the pipeline route shown in the map below.  

If you have an alternative route to reach a HWY or travel into town, please consider them, as it will make for safer roads for our residents and the temporary construction workers. Construction crews comply with posted speed limits and will follow a self-imposed speed limit of 30 km where the construction zone intersects with county roads. We request that residents always respect the work zones, slow down and observe safe driving.

Farmers - Please check out your intended travel routes in advance when moving field machinery and equipment. Select the best and safest route possible to avoid meeting or crossing through working construction equipment.

Hunters – Various waterfowl and bow hunting seasons are soon upon us, please be ultra careful and respectful of your downrange setups and shooting areas.

The County and Inter Pipeline would like this project completed without any safety incidents and to minimize impacts to the local residents.   Thanks!