The County of Paintearth is requesting proposals for the construction and placement of a double pit toilet building to be placed at a selected location within the Huber Dam Campground.

The double pit toilet will require the following features:

  • Fully wheelchair accessible doors and interior features
  • Pedestal toilet structures, painted interiors with air vents in walls
  • Roof structure allowing daylight entry and entrance overhang
  • Wood construction with natural parks exterior finish such as faux log siding, or stained planks, etc.
  • Entrances screened or restricted from view
  • Tanks to be min 1000 gallon concrete or fiberglass
  • Concrete floor pad to extend beyond the outhouse dimensions to allow for entrances, back side pump out access piping
  • Venting of tank outside rear

The submissions must include the full price of construction and placement of the building on a concrete pad covering an installed septic tank, however they may also include the provision and installation and cover of the septic tank as well. Outhouse may be built either on-site or off.
Plans and prices of proposed construction and installation are to be submitted to the County Office by the 19th August 2022. This is not a tender and may be subject to budget deliberations or discussions with County Council, any or all submissions not necessarily accepted. For more information contact the undersigned.

Sample photos showing various ideas/features preferable can be downloaded HERE or an information package is available for pickup at the County Administration Office.

Contact Todd Pawsey with any further questions by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 403.882.3211