In 2018 the Federal government started the process of re-evaluating the registration of strychnine for Richardson ground squirrel (RGS) control. This study observed the number of “off target” species that were affected or killed by application of strychnine. The PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) decided that there was too much risk to endangered species in Canada and the product should be banned.

In 2020 a three-year plan was put in place. Last date of sale by Registrant was March 4, 2021, Last date of Sale by Retailer (ASB) was March 4, 2022 and the last date of permitted use by the User is March 4, 2023. There will be a full ban on the use of the product in 2023.

Early spring application of Rozol RTU or ZP Rodent bait can be effective if done at first sightings of RGS’s prior to grass green. Locally Meadowland Ag Chem Ltd. and UFA are the stores where you can purchase the bait. Other products registered for use including Rocon (mustard foam), zinc phosphide and phostoxin require special equipment and/or certification for use. Shooting and trapping are some other options available. However, landowners must ensure it is legal, safe and practical in the areas they are performing control.