Dealing With Pesticide Waste

Pesticide waste includes:

  • empty pesticide containers
  • leftover product (concentrate or solution)
  • pesticide rinsate
  • treated seed

Empty and rinsed pesticide containers can be taken to the Castor or Coronation Transfer Stations where they are placed in bags and stored in the sea-cans located at the sites. Collection bags are available free of charge through the retailer.

Excess pesticide solution and tank rinsate can be disposed of by using the solution as a mix water in spraying operations or it can be re-sprayed over a treatment area, providing that label application rates are not exceeded and that use is in accordance with the product label.

Treated seed should be planted within the same year of treatment to ensure optimal germination. Excess seed can be double planted around field edges. Treated seed can also be planted on land designated for pasture or silage. It should be thoroughly incorporated at the time of seeding using a cultivation method such as harrowing.


Hazardous Household roundup – Thank you
We had another successful hazardous roundup this year and want to give a big thank you to the Fire Depts. of Halkirk, Castor, and Coronation. We wouldn’t have a successful roundup each year without their continued support. Thank you very much.

Pilot Project - Silage Plastic & Bale Wrap
Coronation has been selected to start the pilot project and with it's success we can hopefully include Castor soon. We have the compacting machines on site and inside the big shed now.

Please Note: The silage plastic needs to be folded into 4x4 squares, as it is handled by hand on our end and as well as the processors. View the clean farms website for folding instructions or ask the attendant for help.

Sort out your Loads and Place in Designated Locations
Remember to Tarp and Tie-Down Your Loads


The County of Paintearth is now in a Fire Advisory as of June 09, 2022.  Fire Permits will be issued by the County of Paintearth No 18. This will be weather dependent as we are experiencing frequent fluctuations.

Fires are only to be burned in approved fire pits, approved burning barrels, approved incinerators and county issued fire permits as per County Bylaw 675-19.

The County is urging residents to be fire safe and ensure that all fires are supervised and under control at all times. Burning is ONLY to be done with extreme care and caution. Be aware that weather will determine if the County of Paintearth proceeds to a total fire ban.

Michael Simpson
Chief Administration Officer

2022 RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship

The RMA established the RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship Program to encourage rural Albertans to pursue further education, and thereby enhance the ability of these rural residents to make meaningful contributions to their communities in subsequent years. Applications are now being accepted.

Chick below for more information.