Hazardous Household roundup – Thank you
We had another successful hazardous roundup this year and want to give a big thank you to the Fire Depts. of Halkirk, Castor, and Coronation. We wouldn’t have a successful roundup each year without their continued support. Thank you very much.

Pilot Project - Silage Plastic & Bale Wrap
Coronation has been selected to start the pilot project and with it's success we can hopefully include Castor soon. We have the compacting machines on site and inside the big shed now.

Please Note: The silage plastic needs to be folded into 4x4 squares, as it is handled by hand on our end and as well as the processors. View the clean farms website for folding instructions or ask the attendant for help.

Sort out your Loads and Place in Designated Locations
Remember to Tarp and Tie-Down Your Loads