Community Engagement
- Workbook Surveys -

Thank you for your interest in the County’s Community Engagement program for updating the County Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw.

This is a “never been tried in the County before” process that worked very well for the County of Lacombe in 2016-17 and hopefully will be replicated here. The success will largely result from your contributions and participation!

Our program consists of 3 rounds of public participation:

  • Round 1 - Facilitated community engagement and feedback sessions in January 2020 held across the County in community halls during evening working sessions.
  • Round 2 - Establishment of priorities and directions by electronic voting means of tabulated data and feedback gathered, in Spring 2020 across the County in community halls in evening working sessions.
  • Round 3 - Presentation of draft documents prepared from priorities and directions selected in Round 2 for further feedback, in Fall 2020, at Drop-In open houses in Castor and Coronation during daytime and evenings.
The following surveys have been created based upon content from the workbook used during the Round 1 facilitated community engagement and feedback sessions. They feature a number of exercises put forth in a questionnaire format.
All discussion is welcome, and we hope for respectful contributions and dialogue from all.  There are no right or wrong answers.
This workbook surveys will be available until January 31, 2020.

Let’s get to work!

News Release:

The County of Paintearth is announcing the “going live” of a new website designed to feature the Crowfoot Crossing Industrial Park located at the intersection of Highways 36 & 12. CROWFOOTCROSSING.CA will be the main tool that the County can use in pointing developers to the region’s information about traffic, logistics, and benefits of locating in a rural area.

As the County pursues future tenants to purchase lots within the park, this online information repository is aimed at being a one-stop-shop for prospective clients in the heavy transport, plant protein, hospitality, and agricultural services fields.  Combined with extensive vehicle count statistics, CROWFOOTCROSSING.CA is positioning itself where “Haul Roads Lead Here” and directional catch phrases such as “Fort Mac to Fort Worth” and “Red Deer to Saskatoon” and many points in between. 

With nearly 5,000 vehicles a day traversing the intersection of Hwys 12 & 36, the County hopes to bring a focus back to the benefits of rural Alberta, and what we have to offer.  For more information, please visit CROWFOOTCROSSING.CA.

Community Engagement FAQs

Why do you want me to come?

The County is inviting landowners and land users because your experience and values as they pertain to how you interact with the land is an important guide for the County in determining what the future of land development looks like in the County of Paintearth. We want you to attend so we can work at developing community together.

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Municipal Development Plan & Land Use Bylaw Review
- Community Engagement -

The County will be undergoing a very involving and detailed community engagement process in reviewing their MDP and LUB for updates in 2020. The process is planned over 3 rounds of public engagement starting this coming January.

Round one will see the County hosting four community sessions where all County land and business owners, and community leaders & groups will be invited to participate. This engagement session will be held as a working supper evening with facilitated table sessions where all participants will be asked to review and contribute to planning processes, documents, and land use considerations. Materials developed at these evenings will be compiled, organized, and prepared for presentation during round two.

Round one community sessions will be hosted regionally as below, and participants may attend the session for their area, as defined by the attached map. Invitations will be sent out in December with a required RSVP for caterer planning.

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Public Participation Plan

MDP/LUB Update 2020

Public Participation mapping for the Municipal Development Plan policy updates and
Land Use Bylaw regulation updates, taking place in 2020 for the County of Paintearth No.18

Click the image to download the plan