County of Paintearth No. 18

Deadline for Payment:  June 30, 2021

Please be advised the 2021 Property Tax Notices have been mailed.  The deadline for payment is June 30, 2021.  Balances owing after June 30, 2021 will be subject to a 5% penalty July 1, 2021 and a further 10% penalty applied on all outstanding balances October 1, 2021.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, debit or visa at the County Administration Office located at #1 Crowfoot Crossing, Highway 12 and Twp Road 374, at the TD Canada Trust in Coronation, or the ATB Financial branches located in Halkirk, Castor, or Coronation.  Click to view the list of financial institutions set up to accept on-line payments.

Michael Simpson, CAO

2021 RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship

The 2021 application term is now open and closes August 31, 2021

In recognition of the importance of an educated population to the future well-being of rural communities, the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) established the RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship Program in 1995. The program is designed to encourage rural Albertans to pursue further education, and thereby enhance the ability of these rural residents to make meaningful contributions to their communities in subsequent years. A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is presented to one successful applicant from each of RMA’s five districts annually.

Eligibility and Application Procedure

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be a resident of a municipality that is a full member in good standing with the RMA, which includes municipal districts, counties, specialized municipalities, and the Special Areas;
  • be registered in four years of study at a recognized post-secondary institution (i.e. the applicant must not have any previous degrees or diplomas). Preference will be given to candidates attending a recognized post-secondary institution in Alberta, except in instances where the chosen program of study is not available in Alberta; and
  • be pursuing a course of studies of relevance to local government or rural communities.
    • This criterion is not intended to restrict eligibility; instead, applicants are invited to explain the relevance of their intended study program within their letter of application.

Complete the application online. Submission packages must also include the following items:

  • a letter from the applicant, setting out their goals and objectives in pursuing further education, as well as the relevance of their study program to local government or rural communities;
  • official high school transcripts if entering first year, or the most recent transcript from their post-secondary institute if entering a subsequent year;
  • a brief résumé outlining employment experience, community involvement, volunteer activities, recreational activities, cultural pursuits, etc.; and
  • written confirmation from the local rural municipality’s chief administrative officer (CAO) certifying that the applicant is a resident of the municipality.

All interested persons are invited to apply for the RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship by submitting the required information through RMA’s online application process.

Do you have adequate Insurance Coverage should a fire occur on your property?

Contact your insurance agent/broker to guarantee you have adequate FIRE INSURANCE COVERAGE that will cover fire fighting costs and protect your property in the event you have a fire.
Under COUNTY BYLAW 675-19 the RESPONSIBILITY for the costs of fire protection fees lies with you.


Total Fire Ban has been imposed effective immediately April 19, 2021 for the County of Paintearth No.18

This Ban:

  • Prohibits the issuance of Fire Permits by the County of Paintearth Fire Guardians
  • Suspends all outstanding Fire Permits issued by the County of Paintearth under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.
  • Required that all outdoor fires presently burning whether under the authority of a fire permit or not be extinguished immediately.
  • This includes all open fires, camp fires, fires used for cooking or warmth, burning barrels, incinerators and the discharge of fireworks.

This ban does not apply to fires which are contained in cooking and heating appliances which are fueled by liquid (propane or natural gas) fuel.

A person who sets a fire not allowed under this Fire Ban will be responsible for the costs for extinguishing the fire pursuant to County Bylaw 675-19 and may be charged under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

For further information contact Administration Office 403.882.3211

Michael Simpson
Chief Administrative Officer