Roadside Mowing Update

The County commenced mowing on Monday, July 12th. However, the dry and hot weather has forced the ASB Staff to alter their hours of work. As the total fire ban was implemented on July 19th, the roadside mowing workday will now end no later then 1:00 pm until the fire ban is lifted. If it's hot outside the mowing workday will end earlier.

Please avoid piling rocks or any other objects in the ditch as they are sometimes not visible and are a fire hazard. ASB also asks that any gates you would like to leave open, to please lean up against the fence. New in 2021, the ASB Board has moved the responsibility of the landowner’s gate to the landowner. If a gate is left in the County ditch and gets entangled in the mower it is the responsibility of the landowner, as per Policy ESA 005.

ASB staff will be mowing the paved roads first, then move into Division 7 and then the other divisions rotating counterclockwise. Similar to past years, the roads not regularly maintained (backroads) and full cuts (30’ cuts) on arterial roads will be reduced. Once the mowers move into Division 3, ASB staff will start cutting backroads and continue into Division 2 and part of 1, following the roadside spraying program.

For landowners who do not want their roadside mowed, please call the Director of Environmental Services, Jeff Cosens at 403-882-3211.

Public Tender - Hoof Trimming Table

The County has a 1985 Hoof Trimming Table for sale. The unit is operational and can be inspected by appointment only at the County of Paintearth Public Works Yard (located at Hwy 12 & RR 143). Please call to arrange an appointment time. Sealed bids on the unit will be accepted until 3:00 pm Monday, August 16, 2021. Please specify “Unit A-30” on your bid envelope. The highest, or any bid, may not be accepted.

For further information please contact Jeff Cosens, Director of Environmental Services at (403) 882-3211.

2022 STARS Calendars

The 2022 STARS Calendars are available for purchase at the County Office
$30 each
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic STARS has teamed up with local municipalities to provide an easily accessible, trustworthy option for rural residents who want to support STARS and purchase an annual calendar.

The STARS Calendar campaign runs from July – December

Notice: Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban has been imposed effective immediately July 19, 2021 for the County of Paintearth No.18.

This Ban:

  • Prohibits the issuance of Fire Permits by the County of Paintearth Fire Guardians.
  • Suspends all outstanding Fire Permits issued by the County of Paintearth under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.
  • Requires that all outdoor fires presently burning whether under the authority of a fire permit or not be extinguished immediately.
  • This includes all open fires, camp fires, fires used for cooking or warmth, burning barrels, incinerators and the discharge of fireworks.

This ban does not apply to fires which are contained in cooking and heating appliances which are fueled by liquid (propane or natural gas) fuel.

A person who sets a fire not allowed under this Fire Ban will be responsible for the costs for extinguishing the fire pursuant to County Bylaw 675-19 and may be charged under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

For further information contact Administration Office 403.882.3211