The following information is to provide a summary of Council meetings from April-May 2021 and upcoming activities. Further explanations or details can be obtained by contacting the County Administration Office at 403.882.3211.

Appointment of Councillors – MOVED by Councillor Hewitt that Reeve Schulmeister and Councillor Glazier and Councillor Norton be appointed as the Councillor representatives to the intermunicipal ad hoc committee to discuss recreation operational and program funding.

RFD – Brownfield Water Main Upgrades – MOVED by Councillor Glazier the County selects 1998372 AB Ltd. with the bid of $156,014.25 to complete the Brownfield Water Main Upgrades, with funding from Water Restricted surplus, and completion by August 30, 2021.

Bylaw No. 700-21 2021 Mill Rate Bylaw – Bylaw No. 700-21 being the 2021 Mill Rate Bylaw for the County of Paintearth No. 18, was given all readings.

Request – Castor Municipal Library – MOVED by Councillor Wiart the request from the Castor Municipal Library Board to release the approved funding grant of $7,500.00 for 2021 earlier than the July to assist with the operation of the library be granted.

Expiring Resolution 6-18S Wind Energy Regulations – Reply from Associate Minister, Dale Nally, Natural Gas and Electricity – MOVED by Councillor Norton the reply from Associate Minister, Dale Nally, Natural Gas and Electricity, regarding the County’s resolution 6-18S Wind Energy Regulations be received as information and filed. A subcommittee of Councillors Elliott, Glazier, Hewitt, and Wiart will assist Administration to undertake and work on this file.

RFD – Halkirk Grader Shed Bid Summary – MOVED by Councillor Elliott the County negotiate with Klassen Construction Ltd. for the design and construction of a wooden grader shed structure estimated at $375,000.00 with additional items to be negotiated prior to construction, funded in part by MSP grant funding, with the balance to be funded from PW Restricted Surplus – Buildings.

Mayor Barry Turner – Town of Morinville Support for RCMP - MOVED by Councillor Elliott the County send a letter to Minister Kaycee Madu, Alberta Justice and Solicitor, reiterating the concerns raised in the letter received from Mayor Barry Turner, Town of Morinville regarding support for the RCMP.

Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, W.M. Sweeney, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General – Police Funding Model – MOVED by Councillor Norton the correspondence received from Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, W.M. Sweeney, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General regarding the Police Funding Model and advising the County’s share is $75,940.31, be received as information and filed.

Upcoming Council Meetings – May 18, June 1, and June 15, 2021, subject to individual change and commencing at 9:00 a.m. Meetings are open to the public and delegations are always welcome. To request a time allotment, please call the office of the CAO. All requests must clearly identify the reason or purpose of the appointment and follow the guidelines as per Section 21 - Delegations of the County’s Procedure Bylaw 692-20.

Get connected to the County’s Voyent Alert App – a free app available to download to receive important notifications that matter to you such as road and bridge repairs, emergency alerts for the region, etc. Register at: https://register.voyent-alert.com


Lana Roth, Director

Property Tax Notices were mailed out on May 3, 2021. The due date for payment is June 30, 2021 and any unpaid amount will be charged a 5% penalty on July 1, 2021.

The County offers a Tax Instalment Payment Plan that provides the benefit of averaged monthly payments over the calendar year. It is a modern, easy method to pay your annual property taxes. There is no inconvenience of cheque writing; cost of postage; or that trip to pay your bills. With your permission, your payments will be made automatically through your bank or financial institution account.


Todd Pawsey, Director

County Parks Now Open - Both Burma Park and Huber Dam are open for the 2021 camping season.  Rates have remained the same at $25 for power sites and $20 for non-powered sites.  You can reach Burma Park on it’s landline at 403-578-4040 and talk to Hugh about bookings and dates… and our new caretaker Dianne is at Huber and can be reached at 604-217-5482.  One note about Huber Park this season is that the park has been rented out for two events – so there will be no camping availability on the weekend of June 4th to 6th, and on August 6th – 8th.

Reservations are recommended this year so that our caretakers can save you a spot.  A note on campfires, if a full Fire Ban is in effect, that means NO campfires allowed.   Once we reduce the fire situation to a Fire Restriction or less… then campfires will be allowed.   As the ACDC song goes … “Let’s Play Ball” is our hope for this summer at Burma Park – where our ball diamonds are ready for all levels of games with new mesh on the backstops, like-new bleachers with fresh paint and lumber.  To book the diamonds for any events or games call the park at the number above.  Happy Camping to everyone!


Jeff Cosens, Director


The County will commence mowing on July 12. Please avoid piling rocks or any other objects in the ditch as they are sometimes not visible. ASB would also ask that any gates that you would like to leave open please have leaning up against the fence. New this year is the ASB Board made the responsibility of the landowner’s gate, if left in the County ditch and gets entangled in the mower, the landowner’ responsibility. ASB staff will be mowing the paved roads first and then moving into Division 7 and rotating counterclockwise. As in past years, the roads that are not regularly maintained (backroads) and full cuts (30’ cuts) on arterial roads will be reduced. Once they move into Division 3 ASB staff will start cutting backroads and continue into Division 2 and part of 1, following the roadside spraying program. Landowners are asked to call the Director of Environmental Services, Jeff Cosens at 403-882-3211, for anyone who does not want their roadside mowed.


The ASB began selling strychnine March 3 in 2021 and are sold out, they had 172 cases.

On March 4, 2020, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) published the final re-evaluation decision on strychnine used to control Richardson’s ground squirrels. To comply with the re-evaluation decision, the registration of 2% Liquid Strychnine was cancelled and is subject to the following phase out timelines:

  • Last date of sale by Registrant is March 4, 2021
  • Last date of sale by Retailer (ASB) is March 4, 2022
  • Last date of permitted use by the User is March 4, 2023

Continued possession and/or use of the product after March 4, 2023 is a violation of the Pest Control Products Act. For more information on the regulation of pesticides, please contact PMRA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-800-267-6315.

Available alternatives for control include anti-coagulant baits, zinc phosphide baits, aluminum phosphide fumigant and white mustard seed powder and sodium alpha-olefin sulfonate used as foam. Other strategies for gopher control include shooting, trapping, installing raptor platforms and altering fields to provide better predator habitat.


Colm Fitz-Gerald, Community Peace Officer

“Welcome to Spring, seeding and calving!!!! Everything looks to be in full swing or just about. Everyone is going to be busy and with COVID protocols, things can get little stressful. Take a step back remember we are in the best part of the province!!! Keep in mind for strangers, try not to leave keys in vehicles, stay in touch with loved ones and neighbours. Enrich the network we have, care for each other and if you see something not right, call the RCMP.

The County Fire Ban is still in effect until further notice. Our rate payers are aware of the fire hazard and fire ban. My concern is the person who throws the cigarette out the window with little or no regard of the consequences. Our 3 Fire Departments have been busy already and all have done outstanding work fighting fires...keep up the great work!!! Enjoy spring and summer, stay safe, be fire smart and keep smiling’😊”.

Do you have adequate Insurance Coverage should a fire occur on your property?

Contact your insurance agent/broker to guarantee you have adequate FIRE INSURANCE COVERAGE that will cover fire fighting costs and protect your property in the event you have a fire.

Under COUNTY BYLAW 675-19 the RESPONSIBILITY for the costs of fire protection fees lies with you.

The County would like to thank all the volunteers who recently contributed to the safe clean up of the highway ditches on SH 599 and to all the groups who have upcoming highway clean up days ahead on our other main highways in the County – a huge thank you and stay safe!

19 to ZERO – Get Your Questions Answered!

Join a virtual COVID-19 Town Hall
Hosted by: Stettler County, Castor, Paintearth County, Coronation, Consort

MAY 11th @ 8:00pm

ZOOM    meeting ID: 928 5707 3552    passcode: 395706

  • Provide up-to-date information on public health guidelines, mandates, and recommendations.
  • Answer questions about COVI-19, including vaccine and vaccine roll-out.
  • Discuss the role of the local Primary Care Network in the COVID-19 response.
  • Address community needs, available supports and follow-up plan.

Speakers: Dr. Nathan Rider and Dr. Cora Constaninescu are public health experts from the 19TOZero coalition, aiming to promote COVID-positive behaviours and vaccine uptake. This event will be moderated by Dr. Heaven.

Submit your questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CENSUS 2021 begins May 3rd. Households across Canada will begin receiving Census 2021 materials in the mail. Canadians and those living in Canada are encouraged to complete their census throughout the spring and summer.

The information you provide is converted into statistics used by communities, businesses, and governments to plan services and make informed decisions about employment, education, health care, market development and more.

Make sure you count yourself into Canada's statistical portrait and complete your census questionnaire today!