Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Team is made up of county staff including members of Council.  The duties of the agency are to effectively respond to the task of dealing with an emergency situation that has or may cause the threat to human life.  This procedure includes the implementation of the Municipal Emergency Plan for those circumstances where the normal line of response is considered inadequate to effectively protect the lives of people and property.  Members of this agency are on call on a 24 hour basis.

As the County is preparing for the upcoming spring and summer season, we wish to remind all residents of the risks posed by both wildfires and extreme winds.

The following documents are guidelines set out by the Alberta Emergency Mgmt Agency to assist Albertans in being prepared for both common emergencies. We ask that everyone do their part in keeping their farms and yards safe, their neighbours safe, and the County a safe place during these seasons.

Extreme Winds and Tornados
Wildfires Grass Fires

Be FireSmart!

The County encourages all farm residences to take a look at the resources in the FireSmart Canada website, and evaluate your farm yard and residence with a critical eye to fire safety.  Simple measures that could be a day exercise with the family, to safeguard your livelihood – not asking much!  In the process of Hazard and Risk Assessments, wildfires ranked very high as potential disaster threats in the County and having our residents’ farm sites as FireSmart as possible is a HUGE undertaking in mitigating against that threat.  It costs nothing but time and effort, however could save thousands! 



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