Public Works

We are committed to provide the safest road network possible, equal to or higher than the Provincial standards, without jeopardizing our environment or the quality of life for our rate payers.

Through data collection of:

Traffic Volumes
Existing Land Use
Future Land Use
Road Inventories
Bridge Inspections
Sign Inventories
Road Characteristics

To date the County of Paintearth is responsible for approximately 2490 km of roads within the county, which is an enormous amount of road to cover.

Type of Road/Highway km

Dirt/Non-regular Maintained

Gravel 1696
Paved/Hard Surfaced 49
Primary Highway 130
Secondary Highway 193

At present, Carillion maintains the Primary & Secondary Highways within the county. These are highways with numbers; for example: Highway 36

The physical location of our Public Works Shop is:
SW 3-38-14-W4
38005 RR 143