Bylaws, Forms and Plans

The County has listed below a number of Bylaws, Forms and Plans including the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) for your understanding of planning decisions and the County’s regulatory framework.

Also found on the Policies section in this website, is a listing of policies which may also play into Planning and Development decisions.  For example, Section D Roads and Policy #735 indicate the County process for developing in areas where there may not be developed road allowances or proper access, and the developer may be required to cost share road construction costs.

The majority of Planning decisions follow the LUB as it is the County’s regulatory planning document which also enables our enforcement of decisions and development conditions.  Being familiar with your District zoning, or other specific regulations will make your development project proceed smoothly, and hopefully reduce any negative impacts/experiences with other area neighbours and residents.

Good luck with your development projects, and please contact the Director of Community Services at any time for assistance.