Soil Conservation

In 2004 soil erosion due to wind was a problem and has been identified as an issue that still needs to be addressed. 

Our main program concerning soil erosion is promoting shelterbelts. Shelterbelts have proven to be important in the prevention of soil erosion due to wind. They have also shown to increase the soil moisture content by trapping snow in the winter. Plastic mulch has shown to be an important tool in regards to weed control and conserving moisture as well.

The Prairie Shelterbelt Tree Program operated by PFRA ended in 2013. The County now works in cooperation with Marketland Alberta Shelterbelt Program – Alberta Nurseries.  The County Tree Program operates as follows:

Eligibility - Farms, Acreages, Commercial Enterprises, Municipalities, Golf Courses, Resort areas, Woodlots and Urban landowners.

  • Applications can be picked up from the County Office, Agricultural Services or you may print the application over the internet here.
  • Applications are accepted by the County up to December 31st.  The County will then make 1 bulk application on behalf of all residents to avoid the application fee to each.
  • Seedlings are in bundles of ten.
  • Trees are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Delivery to the County shop is usually before May 15th - you will be notified for pick up. Shipping charges will be paid for by the County.
  • Any trees not picked up by May 20th will be deemed to be forfeited by the client and dispersed at the discretion of the County.
  • Tree planter and staff will be provided free of charge for tree orders over 200.


Water Conservation

The County has been involved in groundwater assessments and surveys to improve the level of knowledge  of the groundwater resources and characteristics.

Work that has been done includes the Regional Groundwater Assessment, Lineament Assessment , Water Well Surveys, and the Groundwater Investigation of Production Wells.