Insects & Diseases

Provide information regarding latest forecast maps for crop insects and crop diseases.

Prevent the establishment of, or to control or destroy pests as declared under the Agricultural Pests ActFusarium Headblight of cereals and corns as well as Clubroot of Canola are a real concern to producers. Providing current information to help prevent these other diseases from establishing or if necessary controlling their spread.

Although Horticulture is not a main priority of the ASB any resident who has concerns with insects in their shelterbelts can contact the Agricultural Fieldman.

Other Activities

  • Grasshopper surveys during the summer to help create the grasshopper forecast maps.
  • Monitoring mosquito larvae for West Nile Virus when requested to by Alberta Health.
  • Provide coyote control materials to producers who have confirmed predation of livestock.
  • Providing 2% Strychnine for the control of Richardson Ground Squirrels.
  • Beaver dam removal may be undertaken at the request of a landowner or occupant or at the initiative of the County on lands to which access is permitted.

Weed Designation Regulation

About Invasive Plants and Weeds