Roadside Construction

Our roadsides are seeded directly behind the construction crews to allow the grass blend with the best chance of establishment possible.  By seeding as soon as construction has been completed we reduce the amount of weeds that can establish and take advantage of what nutrients and moisture are available.

Our seeding program begins in May and depending on the amount of precipitation will end in late July early August.  Those roads that are not seeded in the summer may be done in October, depending on weather or they are done the following spring to take advantage of the available moisture. 

Certified #1 seed is used whenever possible along with the seed certificate and a Fusarium graminearum analysis.

Gravel Pits

ASB is responsible for the Application and Site Assessments before gravel pit excavation can begin.
The objective of reclamation on gravel pits is the return of the disturbed land to equivalent land capability.

Certified #1 Grass Seed Blends

Roadside Blend                    Native Blend
50% Crested Wheat grass    40% Meadow Brome grass
30% Smooth Brome grass    30% Western Wheat grass
15% Creeping Red Fescue    30% Northern Wheat grass
 5% Alfalfa