ASB Programs

Industrial Vegetation Management Program

The goal of the program is to reduce the perennial weed population, control the regrowth of brush, and develop efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to operate these programs.

The purpose of our IVM Program is to allow clear sight lines to signs & intersections, reduce snow accumulation, promote road drainage and drying, facilitate snow removal, control weeds, and ensure that wildlife grazing at the roadside or preparing to cross the roadway are clearly visible to motorists.

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Road construction and gravel pit reclamation is also an important part of our program.  Pre and Post site inspections are conducted as part of the reclamation planning.

Reclamation begins during the initial stages of excavation.

It is critical for good reclamation that the quantity and quality of topsoil and subsoil be preserved during soil salvage. If this is not done, the reclamation will be more difficult, take more work, and be more expensive. The site will take longer to re-vegetate satisfactorily and meet the vegetation requirements of the Criteria.

Our objective is to ensure the establishment and growth of species compatible with the intended end land use. The vegetation should be self-sustaining in uncultivated areas, or sustainable under normal management in cultivated areas.

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Pests include crop and horticultural insects, plant and animal diseases, invasive plants, coyote predation, Richardson Ground Squirrels and beaver dam removal.

Invasive Plant Management

Landowners are encouraged to contact ASB staff regarding any weed concerns. Our major weeds of concern are Scentless Chamomile, Toadflax, and White Cockle, but any Prohibited Noxious or Noxious Weed listed in the Weed Control Act is of concern.

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Provide water sources for agriculture use and promote soil and water conservation.

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Provide information regarding the spread of invasive plants, insects and diseases, and best management practices.The County provides a local bulletin that is mailed to each resident in the County monthly and has initiated the ASB Bulletin, which provides information regarding weeds, insects, diseases, sustainable agriculture, etc. to help producers stay current and make them aware of the programs that we offer.We work with may different partners to provide us with technical expertise. By partnering we increase the exposure to any demos, workshops, and/or field days.