Agriculture Service Board

The Agriculture Service Board is guided by the ASB Act. They are also responsible for administering and enforcing the:

Weed Control Act

Agricultural Pest Act

Soil Conservation Act

Animal Health Act - Assist in the control of livestock diseases

ASB’s become advisors to the council in the development and promotion of agricultural policies that meet the needs of the county. They are to review and evaluate established programs on an annual basis. The ASB’s are also responsible for promoting and advertising its agricultural programs and encourage good farming practices and farm safety.

In 2020 the members of the ASB are:

Councillor Maurice Wiart (Chairman)
Councillor Stan Schulmeister (Vice Chair)
Councillor Dale Norton
Councillor Diane Elliot
Councillor Doreen Blumhagen
Councillor George Glazier
Councillor Tyrrill Hewitt
Dale Pilsworth (Member-at-Large)
Dan Bunbury (Member-at-Large)