A few Highlights of the Council Meeting held on November 7, 2017....

Please feel free to contact Chief Administrative Officer, Tarolyn Aaserud at 403.882.3211 with any questions or for additional information.

RFD – Draft County Bylaw 657-17 – Speed Restrictions – Council received a Draft Bylaw 657-17 Speed Restrictions amending Bylaw 625-13 Speed Restrictions and incorporating the new Speed Limit on the paved road off of SH 855 to Halkirk to be set at 70km/hr then down to 50km/hr at the transfer station to the entrance of Halkirk. All readings plus Third and Final Readings were then completed for Bylaw 657-17.

RFD – County Policy 565 Social Media – Council was received a copy of Draft Policy 565 Social Media for consideration. This policy only addresses the County’s use of social media as Councillors use will be addressed in the Councillor Code of Conduct. The site will not be interactive with links back to the County Website where applicable. Social Media was discussed and the following motion was entertained. M. Wiart moved approval of draft County Policy 565 Social Media. Tie Vote - Defeated.

RFD – Draft County Bylaw – 658-17 Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards – Council received a copy of Draft County Bylaw 658-17 – Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards for review. The amended Bylaw would allow for the Board to have members selected from a wider pool of appointed members for the two appeal Boards, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and the Inter-municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. All readings plus Third and Final Readings were then completed for Bylaw 658-17.

Coal Transition Funding/Task Force Report – Urban Systems is creating the application at a cost of $2,500.00 per municipality. Council’s consideration was requested to offer financial assistance to the Village of Halkirk if requested. The Terms of Reference are being developed and will have one member from each Municipality and Paintearth Economic Partnership Society. D. Norton moved to submit a letter of support to apply for a regional grant, the County be the managing municipality, and that the County assist the Village of Halkirk with their financial contribution if required.

Budget Review – Council received a copy of the Budget Report ending October 31, 2017. Currently it is projected to have an estimated $600,000.00 surplus. Factors that may inhibit the surplus would be additional snow removal or other unforeseen events. An Interim Budget for 2018 is required to be passed by the end of December. The 2018 Budget will be presented at the November 21, 2017 Council Meeting.

RFD – STIP Funding – Council’s consideration was requested for WSP Engineering to apply for funding from the STIP (Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program) for BF 70101 (SSW 6-37-13 W4) and BF 75705 (WNW 12-38-12 W4) to replace the bridges with a CSP structure. Projects are evaluated based on condition, risk of failure, and local impact including length of detour. Both projects will cost approximately $250,000.00. The cost to submit an application is $1,000.00 per bridge file. T.  Hewitt moved WSP Engineering submit the two applications for STIP Funding for BF 70101 (SSW 6-37-13 W4) and BF 75705 (WNW 12-38-12 W4) with the funds of $2,000.00 from the engineering operating budget.

Waste Connections Canada - T. Hewitt moved the County donate $250.00 to support Waste Connections Canada in providing bikes for children in need within our region.

Upcoming County Council Meetings – November 21, December 5, 2017 and December 19, 2017 (if required) commencing at 9:00 a.m.