A few Highlights of the Council Meeting held on May 15, 2018....

Please feel free to contact Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Brenda Hepp at 403.882.3211 with any questions or for additional information.

Bylaw 660-18 Procedure Bylaw (repealing Bylaw 605-11) – MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to consider the changes discussed as information.

Bylaw 662-18 Borrowing Bylaw – Bylaw 662-18 being the Borrowing Bylaw, was given First and Third and Final Reading.

RFD - Purchase 100kW Portable Generator - MOVED by Councillor Glazier to purchase a portable generator to a maximum of $21,000.00 from restricted surplus.

RFD - Bridge Closure BF 09238 (SW 17-38-8 W4) - MOVED by Councillor Norton that Bridge BF09238 (SW 17-38-8 W4) be permanently closed with concrete barricades placed on each side of the bridge and the rotten treated timber bridge be removed during the winter months.

RFD - Water Connection - MOVED by Councillor Wiart the services of Action Plumbing be retained for the water connections along the Brownfield Water Line.

Request - Advertise in Royal Canadian Legion Military Service Recognition Book - MOVED by Councillor Elliott to table this request as information and not advertise at this time in the Royal Canadian Legion Military Service Recognition Book.

Request - Advertise in MADD Canada Yearbook - MOVED by Councillor Norton to accept this request as information and not advertise in the MADD Canada Yearbook.

Upcoming Meetings – Council Meetings – June 5, 2018, June 19, 2018, July 24, 2018 and August 14, 2018  commencing at 9:00 a.m. and are always open to the public. Delegations are always welcome. To request a time allotment, please call the office of the CAO. All requests must state the nature and subject you wish to discuss as per Section X of the County’s Procedural Bylaw 605-11.