Tip of the Month - July

Seeding is done and the rains came…yeah! Now that road maintenance is in full swing, keep a watchful eye for those big yellow graders. You can’t miss them! Yes, they are moving slow, but be sure to SLOW DOWN when you come upon them. Make eye contact with the operator so each of you know the other is there. Beware this is a large solid piece of machinery, a scenario in which may not work out in your favor....whether you are approaching from the front or the rear.

The county grader operators are there to maintain our roads and they are very good at it. They have seen drivers approach them at high rates of speed that result in “close calls” with the grader. The operators will move out of the way if you give them the opportunity. Please give them that chance and everyone will go home safe.

Enjoy the summer!

Colm Fitz-Gerald
Community Peace Officer