Coal Worker Transition Support Program Updates

Your government has the backs of coal workers and we will stand with you throughout this transition to ensure workers land on their feet. We are committed to ensuring coal workers get the supports they need for themselves and their families.

The coal-worker support webpage has been updated with new information.

What’s new?

  • Application forms for bridge to retirement, bridge to re-employment and for relocation assistance are now available. Click here for details.
  • Program guidelines and eligibility criteria for the Coal and Electricity Transition Tuition Voucher have now been posted. Click here for details.
  • Workers who were continuously employed for at least one year and have received a layoff notice effective Jan 2, 2018 or later can now apply for all coal worker supports.

Get more information

Please visit  to review and download the eligibility requirements, application guidelines and application forms prior to submitting your application.

This webpage is your key source of information on government supports for affected coal workers. Please check the webpage regularly for the most up-to-date information.