Proposed Strychnine Re-evaluation Decision

County Council at their meeting on September 11th  discussed and reviewed a letter to be sent to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. The letter stated that the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) requests the registration for Maxim 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate (LSC) not be cancelled.  2% LSC is a valuable tool for our farmers as part of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (RGS) and needs to be available for farmers to use when needed.

The report lists quite correctly what is wrong with the other chemicals used for RGS control, cost, manpower and/or efficacy. The one reason the Board requests the registration be maintained is that freshly mixed strychnine bait is more effective than ready to use bait.

The Agricultural Service Board is responsible for selling strychnine to its local producers.  This program allows us to educate our farmers IPM programs for RGS and label requirements for strychnine.  These programs ensure farmers are aware of the label requirements to mitigate the chances of poisoning non-target animals.

Strychnine is just one component of an IPM program and the Board requests that the registration be maintained.

Strychnine Review Document