The following information is to provide a summary of County activities for November 2017. Further explanations or details can be obtained by contacting the County Administration Office at 403.882.3211.

RFD – Draft County Bylaw 657-17 – Speed Restrictions – Council received a Draft Bylaw 657-17 Speed Restrictions amending Bylaw 625-13 Speed Restrictions and incorporating the new Speed Limit on the paved road off of SH 855 to Halkirk to be set at 70km/hr then down to 50km/hr at the transfer station to the entrance of Halkirk. All readings plus Third and Final Readings were then completed for Bylaw 657-17.

RFD – County Policy 565 Social Media – Council was received a copy of Draft Policy 565 Social Media for consideration. This policy only addresses the County’s use of social media, as Councillors use will be addressed in the Councillor Code of Conduct. The site will not be interactive, with links back to the County Website where applicable. Social Media was discussed and the following motion was entertained. M. Wiart moved approval of draft County Policy 565 Social Media. Tie Vote - Defeated.

RFD – Draft County Bylaw – 658-17 Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards – Council received a copy of Draft County Bylaw 658-17 – Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards for review. The amended Bylaw would allow for the Board to have members selected from a wider pool of appointed members for the two appeal Boards, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and the Inter-municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. All readings plus Third and Final Readings were then completed for Bylaw 658-17.

Coal Transition Funding/Task Force Report – Urban Systems is creating the application at a cost of $2,500.00 per municipality. Council’s consideration was requested to offer financial assistance to the Village of Halkirk if requested. The Terms of Reference are being developed and will have one member from each Municipality and Paintearth Economic Partnership Society. D. Norton moved to submit a letter of support to apply for a regional grant, the County is the managing municipality, and that the County assist the Village of Halkirk with their financial contribution if required.

RFD – STIP Funding – Council’s consideration was requested for WSP Engineering to apply for funding from the STIP (Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program) for BF 70101 (SSW 6-37-13 W4) and BF 75705 (WNW 12-38-12 W4) to replace the bridges with a CSP structure. Projects are evaluated based on condition, risk of failure, and local impact including length of detour. Both projects will cost approximately $250,000.00. The cost to submit an application is $1,000.00 per bridge file. T.  Hewitt moved WSP Engineering submit the two applications for STIP Funding for BF 70101 (SSW 6-37-13 W4) and BF 75705 (WNW 12-38-12 W4) with the funds of $2,000.00 from the engineering operating budget.

Waste Connections Canada - T. Hewitt moved the County donate $250.00 to support Waste Connections Canada in providing bikes for children in need within our region.

Councillor Code of Conduct Bylaw 659-17 and Schedule “A” - Council received a Draft Bylaw and Schedule “A” for the Establishment of a Councillor Code of Conduct. The required Bylaw meets all the current legislative requirements of the Modern Municipal Government Act. The Bylaw is quite lengthy and a shorter policy version of the Bylaw will be presented to Council at an upcoming meeting. T. Hewitt moved First Reading of Bylaw No. 659-17.

Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed Alliance - A letter was received from the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed Alliance requesting a financial commitment to support the Alliance for fiscal year 2018. The contribution from the County is the same as last year at 50 cents per capita which would amount to $827.83. G. Glazier moved the County support the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed Alliance through providing municipal support of a contribution of 50 cents per capita for a total of $827.83.

Wind Energy Resolution – Due to the lack of legislation and regulations to protect landowners, Council entertained the following motion. G. Glazier moved that Administration work on a Resolution to bring forward to the Spring AAMDC Conference.

Avila Exploration & Development Ltd. – Leonard Van Betuw and James Nixon entered the meeting at 10:52 a.m. Council received a letter from Leonard Van Betuw regarding their request for Cancellation of the Unsecured Debts Owing the County. They provided Council with some background information on reviewing the data and recently negotiated acquisition of assets owned by Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. in the County of Paintearth.  They are requesting Council’s consideration to accept the secured amount of $11,967.09 as payment in full, with the balance, being the unsecured amount of $36,740.94 to be cancelled. T. Hewitt moved the County seek a legal opinion and Administration bring forward a recommendation on the request at the next Council meeting.

Upcoming Meetings – Council Meetings – December 5, 2017 and December 19, 2017 (if required), PROPOSED 2018 MEETING DATES - January 3, 2018 (Wednesday), January 23, 2018, February 6, 2018, and February 21, 2018 (Wednesday), March 13, 2018, March 27, 2018, April 4, 2018 (Wednesday), April 17, 2018, May 1, 2018, May 15, 2018, June 5, 2018, June 19, 2018, July 24, 2018 and August 14, 2018  commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Todd Pawsey

Monday October 2 saw the County engulfed in a region wide storm, where various challenges were levelled at many of the region’s responding forces.  On Nov 9th, a large scale debrief was held in Castor with multiple agencies including RCMP, Fire Departments and staff from all municipalities within the County, as well as Special Areas, Hanna, AB Transportation, 911, East Central Ambulance, Gas/Water/Power Utilities, hospitals, and more.  The morning debrief brought forth the incidents that started off with the snowstorm knocking out power, which then brought down communications within AB Transportation, and started a domino effect of responses dealing with the power outages and impassable roadways.  The various participants all outlined the challenges faced by their organizations and the proposed means of remedying them prior to this type of event hitting us again.   The afternoon training exercise focused on preparing for the same event but enhanced into hypothetical more severe conditions and responses required, setting in motion more planning by the attendees.  Rest assured, there are many efforts on many fronts being reviewed and actioned as you read this, to help us better prepare for another event.  Are you as a resident prepared?

Further to the debrief above, County Council at the recent AAMDC convention met with the provincial Minister of Transportation regarding their plans and levels of response for similar events.  Ongoing discussion with Alberta Transportation officials will also help alleviate many of the issues faced by the travelling public in our rural road and highway network.  Alberta in the winter… not to be taken lightly when out on the roads!  Be prepared!

Colm Fitz-Gerald, Community Peace Officer

“Merry Christmas!”   I trust all and yours will enjoy the festive season.

Fire Permits - There have been lots of Fire Permits issued, especial after our freak snow storm and subsequent wind storm….lots of clean up. As always please use caution as your guide when lighting your permitted fires, if you have more than one pile of burning material only light one pile at a time and always call Wainwright 911 admin (number on the permit) before you burn.

Rural Crime Watch - The County will again try to get feedback on assisting the starting up of the Rural Crime Watch. Rural Crime Watch has helped in reducing crime in rural areas, however it takes a commitment and voluntary time to make it work. There will be further information coming your way as the process continues. So please give it some thought.

The thought of the month with regard to crime prevention: This upcoming season is prime hunting time for “light fingered Louies.” One of the best ways of prevention is to take away the easy theft. So try to start not leaving the keys in our vehicles. It’s become a habit and after all we are in rural Alberta and trust our neighbours. Unfortunately, the bad guys know that too. So no keys in the vehicles no easy theft!

Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd.

Michael Yakielashek, Supervisor
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agriculture Chemical Totes - From time to time we find someone has left chemical totes at the transfer stations. They are usually found in the chemical sheds or in metal piles. Under the Agriculture Chemical Recycling Program we are not allowed to accept the totes which were used for agriculture chemicals. Totes should be returned directly to the retailer where the product was purchased for recycling and reuse.

Empty Oil Jugs and Pails - We see a lot of empty oil jugs and pails still being placed into the regular garbage bins. Some of these jugs or pails are not empty. All oil jugs and pails can be recycled and the transfer stations are set up to accept them. Ask the Attendants where to place these materials. Used oil can be taken to various outlets within our communities for recycling.

Sorting Garbage and Recyclables - A lot of materials that can be recycled, however because materials are not sorted prior to coming to the transfer stations, it’s easier to just throw all of it in the garbage bins. If you have your materials sorted prior to arriving at the transfer stations, it’s very easy to move around the sites and place the materials in recycling areas and bins. It doesn’t take a lot of time and saves landfill space.

The Board of Directors and Staff of Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the coming New Year.


The County Administration Office and the Public Works Shop will be closed on the following statutory holidays for the Holiday Season:


From all of us at the County to all of you, a Very Merry Christmas and a Fruitful New Year!!!