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Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The County’s MPC normally meets monthly and is the body charged with the County’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) administration as well as all developments such as subdivision approvals and development permits.

Monthly meetings are open to the public and are listed below, along with previously approved minutes from earlier meetings.   To request an item be placed on the agenda, please contact the Development Officer no later than the Friday preceding the meeting date.

2017 MPC Meeting Dates:

October 3
November 7
December 19

The County of Paintearth’s Municipal Planning Commission has recently approved the following development permits:

Capital Power Halkirk 2 Wind Project – 74 Turbines (see location list)

Permits DP1714 through DP1787 are approved for the applicant for the placement and construction of wind turbines in the Halkirk 2 Wind Project as identified within the attached checklist subject to the following conditions:

  • The development meet all setback requirements of the County of Paintearth No. 18 Land Use Bylaw 593-09; 
  • The applicant obtains and conforms to any necessary Safety Code permits;
  • The development obtains and conforms to any and all pertinent municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and requirements per Regulation 49 of the LUB No. 593-09 prior to any construction commencing;
  • All equipment and vehicles entering the County of Paintearth road network and traversing from lands to lands within the County shall be cleaned from weeds and any other potential weedborne diseases prior to accessing different lands and roads;
  • The applicant enter into and abide by the terms of a Road Use and Development Agreement with the County;
  • The applicant successfully apply for and receive development permits for any required storage or stockpile sites, material laydown yards, batch plant sites, staging or other areas prior to construction;
  • The applicant’s procurement process contain methods and means to allow for local corporations to submit and compete for contract work where possible.

Permits DP1738, 1739, 1740 for turbines T038B, T039B, and T040A are approved with the following additional conditions:

  • upon submission, approval, and commencement of a development permit application for a new residence at NE6-40-14-W4, the applicant to provide prior to construction:
    • a recalculation of the Noise Impact Assessment for this new receptor location;
    • a setback review and/or adjustments to meet the County LUB requirements based on supplied location of the new development within NE6-40-14-W4;

Permit DP1775 for turbine T118 be approved with the following additional conditions:

  • Provision to the County of the following approvals prior to construction:
    • landowner of NW3-40-14-W4 to sign off approval for both the turbine location and lease
    • securing approval for any other lands required for the access road to the turbine location.

DP1714-87 Location and Landowner List

Halkirk II v10 Project Design and Layout


 Notice is hereby given that the following Development Permit Applications have been approved:

 DP1714 through DP1787    Capital Power Corp       74 Wind Turbines for Halkirk 2 Wind Project

For a complete listing of locations, turbines, and conditions please go to or stop in at the County Office, #1 Crowfoot Drive, Crowfoot Crossing.  Hwy 12 and Twp Road 374.

Any person claiming to be affected by such decisions may appeal by giving Notice in writing to the Secretary, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, County of Paintearth No. 18, Box 509 Castor, AB TOC OXO not later than 4:30 p.m., September 22, 2017.  The Notice must contain the specific reason(s) for the appeal and pursuant to Bylaw No. 580-09 include the $200.00 fee per appeal.


Dated: September 7, 2017                                  Todd Pawsey, Development Officer

Municipal Development Plan Goals:

The goals of the Municipal Development Plan indicate the overall direction the County wishes to take in managing land uses. In preparing these Plan goals, recognition has been given to the important role the agricultural and natural resource industries have played in contributing to the growth and development of the County.

Based on this understanding, the following plan goals have been identified:
1. To provide opportunities for well-planned growth.
2. To provide opportunities for increased economic activity.
3. To protect agricultural operations and natural landscapes.
4. To balance economic activity with the protection of agricultural operations and natural landscapes.
5. To encourage population growth within the 20-34 year age groups (young families) to settle in the County through the MDP Policies and also additional partnerships, cooperation, and policies.

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