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Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The County’s MPC normally meets monthly and is the body charged with the County’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) administration as well as all developments such as subdivision approvals and development permits.

Monthly meetings are open to the public and are listed below, along with previously approved minutes from earlier meetings.   To request an item be placed on the agenda, please contact the Development Officer no later than the Friday preceding the meeting date.

2017 MPC Meeting Dates:

June 6
July 18
August 15

Recent MPC Approvals:

DP1701  Robert Vigen  SW 14-35-12-W4  New Residence with attached garage
Variance granted to Front Yard Setback, Appeal date expiry Feb 10, 2017

Municipal Development Plan Goals:

The goals of the Municipal Development Plan indicate the overall direction the County wishes to take in managing land uses. In preparing these Plan goals, recognition has been given to the important role the agricultural and natural resource industries have played in contributing to the growth and development of the County.

Based on this understanding, the following plan goals have been identified:
1. To provide opportunities for well-planned growth.
2. To provide opportunities for increased economic activity.
3. To protect agricultural operations and natural landscapes.
4. To balance economic activity with the protection of agricultural operations and natural landscapes.
5. To encourage population growth within the 20-34 year age groups (young families) to settle in the County through the MDP Policies and also additional partnerships, cooperation, and policies.

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