Council Members

Rocky Dahmer (Division 3), Tymil Hewitt (Division 6), Brain Bunbury (Division 2), Doreen Blumhagen (Division 4)

Walter Weber (Division 5), Diane Elliot (Division 7), George Glazier (Division 1)

Walter Weber
Councillor, Division 5

Division 5 Map (in PDF format: 2.0MB)

Phone: (403) 882-2572
Cell: (403) 740-3738
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Term of Office: 2004 - present

County Council Committees:

Agricultural Service Board
Assessment Regional Review Board
Audit Committee
Budget Review Committee
Capital Projects Committee
Legislative Review Committee
Municipal Committee
Municipal Planning Commission
Transportation Committee

Council Appointments:

Alliance Seed Cleaning Plant
Castor & District Family & Community Support services (FCSS)
Castor & District Housing Authority
Castor Doctor Recruitment/Retention Committee
Castor IDP Committee
East Central Ambulance Association
Veterans Memorial Highway Association